Who am I?  Here are some basics and some random facts:

I am eligible for red hat membership.

I have four children, two more that I support in India after their adoption didn’t go through, several children of my heart, two grandchildren, three dogs (large, larger, largest) and the same husband for over thirty years.

My children are wickedly talented in all that they do!

I’ve been to China and had tea with the head of the Ministry of Civil Affairs.  She gave me permission to start an adoption program there.  This blessed our family with our fourth child.

I began a personal relationship with Christ at the age of fourteen. 

I work as a contract social worker.

I am a compulsive reader.

I am working on a few novels.

I have the world’s cutest grandchildren.  Second only to yours, I’m sure.

Here is my clan photo minus my grandson who refused to be photographed.  I’ve included him separately. 



3 Responses to “About”

  1. Julie Page Says:

    Heh Debbie! This is my second blog experience. Julie

  2. Dusty Takle Says:

    You left out the fact that you have set an example on living out life the way God intended in your faithfulness to the house of God, your heart to give, your commitment to your marriage, your heart of worship….Love your blog!

  3. Sandy Elzie Says:

    Hi Debbie,

    Finally got a chance to read your site. Great job. Also, a great tribute to your friend. By-the-way, you’re now on my “favorites”.

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