The Funeral We Should All Have

January 12, 2009


Yesterday, I went to  the largest funeral I’ve ever had the privilege to attend.  Crowd estimates are just under 1000 people.  Yes, really, 1000 people. 

Who has a funeral with that many people in attendance?  Royalty, celebrity, heads of state?  I would say that judging by the people who loved her, Angie Tinker was all of those things to us.  Yet she was a humble grandmother in Middle Georgia who taught special needs children, directed a crisis pregnancy center and lived to play praise and worship music. 

When you picture Angie, it’s hard to separate her from her keyboard, the one that her diminuitive frame barely peeked out over.  Angie would be there behind the keyboard, playing for all she was worth, singing and lifting the name of Jesus literally any opportunity she had.  It was fitting that her funeral reflected this love.  The life of Praise left its mark on Angie.

When you picture Angie, it’s hard not to remember that elfin  twinkle in her eyes and that little smile she always had ready.  You couldn’t help but smile back, and if you didn’t, see would be quick to find out why.   Angie loved people and she easily conveyed her genuine concern for you if she sensed anything wrong.  If Angie knew you, she cared about you.  It was just that simple for her.  The life of Selflessness left its mark on Angie.

When you picture Angie, it’s especially hard not to see the family that she loved.  Where you saw Angie, you saw John, her husband of thirty-three years.  And, whenever possible, her children and grandchildren.  The quiet strength that she passed on to her family was evident in the way they handled their grief and in how they dealt with others during this tragedy.  The life lived in love of her family left its mark on Angie.  But, it especially left its mark on her children. 

When you picture Angie, it’s the most hard to picture her as gone.  I’m glad that those of us in attendance yesterday share the hope of seeing her again.  As much as it pains us now, none of us would wish her back from that experience of heavenly praise and worship.  Well, maybe if we’re truthful, just for a minute….

For all my friends who knew Angie, here’s an opportunity to share your favorite memory.  I will pass these on to John when he is out of ICU and share them with her children. 

Or maybe, like me, you also want to reflect on what has left its mark on your life and what mark you are leaving on others.

4 Responses to “The Funeral We Should All Have”

  1. Betsey Says:

    Angie was, simply, an instrument of God’s love to others. Her demeanor, her passion, her joy for life, and her concern for others all exemplified Christ. She is a prototype for all of us who wish to “do it God’s way.” As Debbie attested, her funeral spoke volumes of the way one can bless others, and thus be blessed. While I have fallen woefully short in this area thus far, Angie’s life and death have been a wake-up call for me as to what-no, who, is important in my life. The answer is-everyone I meet. Thank you, Angie, for being who you were here on earth, and who you continue to be now that you are with Jesus. I got it, girl. I got it.

  2. Caroline Says:

    I have so many memories of Angie, but my most recent, that is so simple but in my heart every time that I think of her is this: Our first OPEN service and I was so nervous and unsure what to expect. Angie walked in the door just beaming. She came straight to Matt and I, gave us big hugs, and was just so excited. Then afterwards, she told me how special it was for her to see Erin use her gift, for her to play the piano. It had touched her so much! It sounds so simple, but it was so Angie, how she always made you feel great and important to her, and was praising when her daughter praised, it was great!

  3. Dusty Takle Says:

    Whenever I think of Angie, I think of a heart after God, desiring to be all that God wanted her to be. I remember her and John’s selfless willingless to help me lead praise and worship for the EWC youth so many years ago. Talk about a wealth of resources! Their knowledge of music wasn’t just for knowledge’s sake. But, to give our King the HIGHEST praise possible. John and Angie are so very dear to my heart. And, I will miss that beautiful smile and her completely pure heart. Love, Dusty Takle

  4. Lynn F. Says:

    When the Spirit of God began to move yesterday, I could picture Angie smiling down from heaven. It was as if she was right there worshipping with us. I remember many days @ Grace Academy when Angie and I would practice theophostic ministry on each other. She was always so very sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and had a heavy burden for the lost. Thank you, Angie, for being one who displayed the unconditional love and acceptance of Jesus Christ every time I was with with you.

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