The Lakeland Revival: My Experience

July 8, 2008

Like a lot of people in the church world, I have been hearing about the revival in Lakeland, Florida.  For those of you who don’t know, there has been a strong move of God there for the last 90 days, with many stories of healing and salvation coming out of it.  People that I’m close to have urged me to go.  So, instead of heading home with the rest of our family after our trip to Universal Studios, my husband, younger daughter, and I booked another hotel and attended the Lakeland revival on Friday, July 4. 

I went expecting.  I’d heard of the strength of God’s presence.  The healing miracles.  The awesomeness of God in that place. 

I went expecting.  I expected to feel an incredible presence.  I fully expected to receive a healing from a condition I had recently been experiencing.  I went expecting.

When we arrived, I saw an above-ground pool that had been placed in the sanctuary.  I knew immediately that I would go forward to be baptized there.  We had arrived before the start of the televised portion of the service.  The front was full, but we easily found seats in the back.  We were encouraged by a man on the stage to pray.  His encouragement was quite fervent.  Almost like a pre-show warm up time.  It involved a lot of shouting and my younger daughter was quite distressed by it.  But, we settled in to pray and eventually the service began.

The praise and worship was great.  There was a freedom to worship there that I haven’t experienced in many years.  A freedom that I’ve really missed.  After a while, Todd Bentley came out and spoke.  He recounted stories of miracles.  Watching him, it was easy to see how sincere and open he was.  I don’t doubt that about him.  His enthusiasm was genuine.

I went forward to the baptism line.  I watched several people before me get baptised.  Some seemed profoundly affected.  I was ready.  As I stepped down into the pool, the first thing I realized was that the water was freezing.  I mean really freezing.  Todd Bentley asked me why I was there.  I told him for spiritual renewal and physical healing.  I went under. 

I got out and was helped down a slippery walkway where I was greeted at the end by a group of people praying.  The shaking and trembling I experienced was from the freezing water.  Other than that, I felt nothing profound. 

I did receive a word that was very much on target when I was prayed for in the back after the baptism.  It was about God helping me not to intellectualize or think so much.  Not to worry.  An appropriate scripture was given me about this. 

After I returned to my seat, we left.  Fortunately, I had towels in the car because it was an hour drive back to the motel.  I was cold and I was a little let down.  I knew that I had obeyed God by going forward, but I guess I expected a miracle.  Something immediate.  Dramatic would have been nice. 

It has been three days since I went.  A condition with my lymph nodes that had been bothering me has improved in a noticeable way.  A condition that was exacerbated by caffeine which I haven’t had for four days.  So, did the baptism heal me? 

No, I don’t think so.  But I did see into the past.  Remembered the freedom I’d experienced before.  The passion I felt in the past.  And, I began to pray for more of a revival in my heart.  Because ultimately, it isn’t about any particular evangelist, or any particular meeting, it is about the path I let my heart take.  It’s about expecting God to work in my life daily. 

So, I am expecting.  Expecting God to show up in my life.  To meet me wherever I am.  My own personal revival.

Isaiah 57:15

For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity, whose name is Holy; I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones. 


Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


11 Responses to “The Lakeland Revival: My Experience”

  1. Dusty Says:

    I think that’s what we all need. Our own personal revival. Great post.

  2. rebecca Says:

    Plese let me say this. You went expecting God to give you a good feeling. Right there you opened yourself up to possiably deceving spirits. This is why he is dangerous. False prophets and teachers prey on people who are hungry for a new move of God. Most people are bored with church, worship, pray and so on. So they come expecting God to do something and when nothing happens they feel like God doesn’t love them or care. We do well studying the word, praying and obeying God’s commands. beleive me there is nothing better than getting on your face before the Lord of the universe and just thanking Him for WHO HE IS not what he does for us. Fasting and repenting is an awsome experince that I have had with the Lord. You don’t need to go to Lakeland looking for some experince with God. He says If you search for me you will find me. Search for Him right where you are He is there waiting for you. He is waiting for all of us. I pray right now In Jesus name that He heals you competly and wholly right now, i pray that you will get a renewed sense of His love for you. Go to Him right now His word is waiting to speak to you. God bless you!!! and everyone stay away from this man. i am afriad he will leave behind a carnage of deceived people with evil spirits to be delivered from. God is testing us!!! to see if we really love Him!!!

  3. aj Says:

    Thank you for your post – please don’t “stop thinking” as they suggested – God works through your mind to transform you (read Romans 12:1,2) – God made our wonderful minds for his own glory, so that we can use them to love and serve him.
    Be like the Psalmist who meditates on the law of God, someone who loves Him and His word – He will meet you there – He has promised that.
    Every Blessing

  4. dlkaufman Says:

    I appreciate your prayers and the fact that you are passionate enough to post a commment. I have never been one to seek out the “feelings” but I did go expecting to experience that based on the reports I’d read. And, at times, I did sense a sweet presence of God. Just not the way it had been reported. There are many sincere people working at the revival. I can only report my personal experience with miracles, or the lack thereof, at the service. I do believe that Todd Bentley is sincere, and that God does show out in signs and wonders. If nothing else, Bentley is being used to stir this debate up in the Kingdom again. Again, thanks for your comment. And, don’t worry. If you skip past my vacation posts and read the stuff before hand, I think you’ll get a sense of where I am with the Lord.

  5. dlkaufman Says:

    AJ: Thank you for your post. I won’t stop thinking, but this was intended to speak to me about a tendency to worry when I “overthink.” I do have that problem. I have had other words in the past that let me know that my ability to think and reason were things God values. And, I do meditate on his Word and find Him there.

  6. Christie Says:

    The first part of your post made me think of the people long ago that heard of a teacher named Jesus and all the things he did and journeyed for days just to experience that. I think it was great for you to go – God uses so many different things in this amazing life to remind us of our first love – It is totally right on for you to stop over thinking 😉 There have been so many times in your life that just taking that next step of faith was difficult b/c you – like me — need to know the next 14 steps to be prepared!! When, in fact, God just wants us to rest in the moment with Him. he does pursue us and sometimes we just need to slow down, wind our way on the journey rather than taking that straight shot (like maybe winding your way to lakeland)– another thing I ‘heard’ in your post was that there were so many serving God and His people – that is where my revival needs to happen. it has been a long time since i just showed up to serve (with a sweet heart-not just b/c I’m on the calendar) Thanks for your post!!

  7. dancurant Says:

    What a lovely, gentle, encouraging post, thanks.

  8. Hi,
    I´m searching for some medical verifications of the healings in Lakeland. I didn´t find anything on google but i can not believe that there is no verification in the whole web.
    Do you know any websites, pdf´s or something else which shows a medical verification document?

    Or maybe if you were healed at Lakeland – could you please upload your medical verification? It would be great to show the sceptics some medical reports.

    Lekih from Germany (german) and (english)

  9. Melissa Says:

    Hi there…thanks for your honest words. I know that alot of genuine sincere people are involved in the Lakeland Revival, and go expecting as you did. It concerns me that so many got baptized for other reasons than what Biblical Baptism is for: to identify with Jesus in His death, burial, and resurrection. To make a statement that you are going to follow Jesus no matter what experiences come. It is a wonderful sign of faith! I am sorry that you did not experience quite what you expected, but encouraged to see your enquiring mind. Seek the Truth at any cost to yourself, and God will reveal it to you, especially through the Word of God. Please visit here for more info on Lakeland:
    God bless you!!

  10. Jesus Is Alive ! 🙂 Having spent a long time praying and discerning about the Revival in Lakeland, I have encountered in such a way in it that I have to back it, having worked through the culture shock and style of teaching / preaching. Being a full time Christian Missionary the presence of God is so powerful. I went to Florida and spent time praying in the arena. Jesus Is Alive. Its good to be careful about what we get into. I pray that God’s truth be revieled to all. May His Love be what guides us. Todd Prays in Jesus Name, his Compassion for the broken and lost etc. As Jesus said.. why would the devil go round casting demons out? This is a work of God and we need to embrace it. Pray for it and that God uses it as he want to touch lives and reach the lost! Come Holy Spirit ! Have your way ! 🙂

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