Today is our third day at Universal Studios in Orlando.  It has been a blast. We have all had fun.  We are all getting along.  Even in our room where there are four of us and we are stepping all over each other and our stuff, peace and fun reign.  Coordinating three families has actually been easy once we all got here.

Best parts of the trip so far:

My grandson, age 5, as we returned to the hotel for the evening, “JAWS was awesome.”  This after he cowered through most of the ride.  He later kept his mom and stepdad up late asking what had happened to the people in the sinking boat….

My granddaughter, age 5, after returning to the hotel, “Grandma, I met Princess Fiona (SHREK) and she talked to me!”

My dear one, age unmentioned, over the phone, “The Hulk was great.”  Said in breathless tones while announcing they were going to ride again.  And again.  And again.  

My daughter and son-in-law, watching Isaac enjoy the rides, beaming.  More beaming later after they returned from a date night, the anniversary of their first date a year ago.  HE remembered.  They went to the Hard Rock, snuck in two rides on the Hulk and went to see a movie (like they did for their first date minus the Hard Rock and the Hulk.).  More beaming when they returned to pick up Isaac.

My older son, the one who works for the number one Beatles Tribute Band in the World, aka THE RETURN, after being given a private tour of the John Lennon Room at the Hard Rock, totally in Awe.

My younger son, straddling two beds over a sleeping little sister, doing his Tom Cruise impersonation, i.e. jumping up and down, saying Mummy, Hulk, Dueling Dragons.

My younger daughter having fun with her parents, not watching TV, hanging out with her older brother and the neice and nephew equally, and not being too embarrassed by her parents. 

Me with both grandchildren on the E.T. ride.  Pure joy.  Listening to their awe-struck voices as we left and they commented that E.T. said goodbye to them (using their names). 

This quiet moment in the hotel room with everyone gone….

I feel blessed. 

Psalm 115: 15

Ye [are] blessed of the LORD which made heaven and earth.